Quote for a central vacuum system

We are often asked ‘What is the best way to get a quote for a central vacuum system for a new home build’?

There are two ways you can get a quote for a central vacuum system. You can email us your plans at info@centralvac.co.nz or call us to come out and visit your building site.

In most cases (>90%) the installation of a central vacuum system is based on supplying a 10m switched hose. We find 10m is the ideal length to vacuum the internal floor area of your home. We aim to design an installation that considers potential furniture placements (e.g. beds and lounges). This is to ensure that 100% of the internal floor area of your home can be easily reached with the central vacuum hose.

While emailing your plans through is a good way to get a firm price for your investment, we will always recommend a walk-through site visit before installation. This is so you have a chance to tell us where that grand piano is going to be placed!

After installing thousands of systems, Central Vacuum Systems Ltd can give you plenty of advice and recommendations. Such as where to place inlets, vacpans, Wally Flex’s and the power unit. We have installed central vacuum systems into small homes with one inlet and large homes with >20 inlets and thousands of houses in between.

Considerations when installing a central vacuum system

Considerations include:

  • What level should the inlets be placed (we recommend the same height as the power points)
  • What colour inlets would best suit my home (we recommend the same colour as your light switches)
  • Can I install an inlet in the bathroom (you can but we advice against it so you don’t accidentally vacuum up water. Check out our Wally Flex’s).
  • Where should I avoid installing an inlet (even though the inlets are small and attractive, we like to install inlets away from areas seen by visitors to your home such as in a reception room / foyer)
  • Can I install a retractable hose in my home (in most cases you can – give us a call)
  • Where do most people install the power unit (>90% of the systems we install the power unit is located in the garage)
  • I have lost of other questions about installing a central vacuum system (get in contact us with any time and we can give you some free advice!)

We have listed some of the benefits of installing a central vacuum system here. Also check out this article from Beam New Zealand on the 10 reasons to install a Beam central vacuum system.

A question we often get asked is how much does it cost to install a central vacuum system in Auckland. Click here for price guidance.

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