Install a Central Vacuum in a Townhouse

We finished this week by installing central vacuum systems in a townhouse development in West Auckland. We lasted until the last week of May before the jumpers had to come out!

For almost 20 years we have been installing central vacuum systems into multi-dwelling developments like townhouses and apartments. Often due to their design, the installation is straightforward and therefore cost effective.

Systems can be located in garages, under stairs or in the laundry. Due to narrow designs, often one inlet is required on each floor of a townhouse.

Having a built in vacuum system adds value to your development and will often be a point of difference. In addition to offering the home owner a strong and convenient method of vacuuming their new home, a central vacuum is a healthy addition to a new home.

While most of our systems are bagless central vacuums, we do have traditional bag systems which are smaller where space is an issue. Click here for product specs.

For information on how we can add value to your next development please get in touch.