Central vacuum installed in an existing home

We installed a Beam SC335 Platinum central vacuum into an existing house this week. The home was solidly built in block with a concrete mid-floor. Therefore we found existing cavities in the concrete mid-floor to run the piping. After a few hours of planning, three inlets were installed in the home with a 10m on/off switched hose. 100% of the internal floor area can now be accessed with a strong internal vacuum.

We removed gib board on one wall and pull back the carpet to access existing cavities in the concrete flooring. Piping was run from the ground floor inlet to the upper floor of the home. By utilising the roof space, we ran piping in the roof and dropped down walls to reach all the bedrooms. White Deco inlets were fitted at the same height as power points. The central vacuum system is producing excellent suction throughout the home. The home owner was thrilled with the final result.

In our experience, a central vacuum system can be installed in an existing home 90% of the time. The installations we find difficult are those with little or no roof space, concrete mid floors and homes with raked ceilings.

For information, pricing and details on whether your existing house can be retrospectively fitted with a central vacuum system please contact us.