Should I service my central vacuum system?

A dirt and dust clogged filter significantly impacts on performance

We often get asked: should I have my central vacuum system serviced? The short answer to that is yes.

Central vacuum systems work hard to produce the strong suction that provides a deep clean. Air vacuumed up in your home will pass through a filter into the motor cavity and then our through the muffler. Filters are often made of gortex, cloth, foam, disk, cartridge etc. As a filter gets dust clogged / dirty, less air passes through the filter. This results in the motor working hard to produce the suction required to give you that deep clean. Replacing or cleaning a filter will help maximise the operational effectiveness of your central vacuum. A service also gives your system a health check.

Below are a couple photos of older / well used filters. You can see the difference between a new filter and an older / dust clogged filter.

Typically the following is completed during a service:

  • Inspect the motor
  • Inspect, clean or replace the filter
  • Clean the power unit cavity
  • Condition and seal of the dust bucket
  • Air leakage test
  • Suction test
  • Inspect and clean inlet valves
  • Ensure no blockages are in the pipes

We service all brands of central vacuum systems in Auckland. Give us a call or go to our contact page if you want to schedule a service call for your central vacuum system.